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Comfort surfaces

Viganò Pavitex produces the complete range of tennis surfaces with different types of infill satisfying all types of play. They all have been designed to provide excellent play comfort assisting its clients right from the start of the project through the lifespan of its courts ensuring long term satisfaction. As a member of the ITF Foundation we play an active role working with other members of the tennis world on creating innovative solutions for tennis.

ITF classified surfaces:

  • Top Sand®

Leisure tennis:


Pourus base

Adheisive applied
in beaded stripes

TOP CLAY® Line Paint

TOP CLAY® approved clay infill

TOP CLAY® Membrane

Classified by ITF as 1 (slow) TOP CLAY® membrane based system with natural clay infill offers the legendary comfort of clay court play all year long. This hybrid clay tennis surface requires low maintenance and is designed for outdoor and indoor use.


Comfort surfaces

Viganò Pavitex stands for more than 50 years of experience in fibre bonded manufacture. Its production units are backed by in-house R&D facilities to design tennis products according to market requests and customer needs. This is one of the main reasons for their tennis surfaces being of excellent quality in terms of comfort and tennis play. Viganò Pavitex provides whole range of tennis surfaces suitable for all kind of play.

TOP CLAY® is a hybrid clay tennis surface with natural red clay infill for both indoor and outdoor use. TOP CLAY® surface is classified as 1 (slow) along with ITF Court Pace Classification Programme.

TOP SLIDE® is a tennis surface with EPDM rubber granulate infill for indoor courts. TOP SLIDE® is ITF class 4 (medium-fast). With its natural and precise reproduction of all spins the surface is ideal for all levels of play.

TOP SLIDE®EXT is a tennis surface with EPDM rubber granulate infill for outdoor courts. TOP SLIDE®EXT is ITF class 4 (medium-fast). Main advantages of the system are no need for watering and reduced maintenance.

Top Sand® is a tennis surface with ceramic coated quartz infill for indoor and outdoor courts requiring no watering and reduced maintenance. ITF class 1 (slow) Top Sand® is highly appreciated for its excellent playing characteristics.

Top Velour® is a velour membrane tennis surface with inlaid white lines infilled with EPDM rubber granulate for indoor courts. It offers great performances in terms of comfort of play and is appreciated for its appearance.

Top Sport® is a flat membrane tennis surface with inlaid white lines and no infill for indoor courts that can be named textile hardcourt. It offers comfortable and fast play. Top Sport® can successfully be used for MUGA (Multi Use Games Area)

Hard court surfaces

PROFLEX® hard court tennis surfaces are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Those water-based polyacrylate systems are excellent alternatives to traditional, acrylic hard court surfaces. They offer great performance and play characteristic of a standard hard court while being highly durable and abrasion resistant, as well as more flexible and tougher than acrylic surfaces. PROFLEX® surfaces are chosen for many professional events worldwide, including ATP, WTA and Davis Cup and Fed Cup series.

1930 - founding of Vigano Pavitex as a family company active on textile market

9001 - ISO standard norm we are working along with

2011 - Pavitex becomes member of the ITF Foundation

2000 - and counting - number of courts successfully installed world-wide

40 - countries world-wide enjoying our tennis courts

About us

Viganò Pavitex is a family company established in the 30’s actively managed by members of the third generation. Over the years Pavitex has adapted to the new challenges of the market growing in the most competitive export markets. Since 1996 VP works according ISO 9001:2015 and carries a certificate covering the different production sites. VP has been producing significant number of tennis courts since the early 90’s and has now supplied more than 2.000 courts installed in more than 40 countries around the world.


Founded by Giovanni Viganò


Second generation takes over


Textile floor production starts


Third generation takes over


Indoor Pavitex Tennis court production starts


Production sites are certified
according to ISO 9001:2015
Vigano Pavitex S.P.A.
is now
Pavitex Tennis