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Comfort surfaces

Plus Elite

Asphalt or concrete

Proflex Adheisive

Proflex Poresealer

Proflex line paint

Proflex Plus
(2 layers)

Proflex PU Wear layer

A hard court tennis surface with rubber mat suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

  • Uniform surface with no squeegee marks due to use of unique spraying technique (optional)
  • Highly durable and abrasion resistant due to the high quality polyacrylate resin used
  • More flexible and tougher than traditional acrylic surfaces
  • Preserving fresh colours for years

proflex® Plus Elite system comprises an elastic rubber base mat ensuring extreme durability and resistance to water as well as providing a constant cushioning effect through seasonal temperature variations and over many years of use. Because the cushioning mat is prefabricated to a uniform thickness this will allow a true ball bounce on all areas of the court. proflex® Plus Elite polyacrylate surface ensures maximum adhesion, flexibility and durability ensuring the surface will last for many years and provides excellent grip for the player and the best evenness of bounce and pace.


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