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Comfort surfaces


Porous base

applied in beaded stripes

Line Paint

approved clay infill

TOP CLAY® Membrane

Hybrid clay surface with natural infill
and painted lines, designed for outdoor and indoor use.

  • The legendary comfort of clay court play
  • Playable all year long
  • Reduced maintenance and minimal water requirements
  • No annual reconditioning costs

TOP CLAY® tennis surface has been specifically designed to withstand intensive outdoor use, all year round, even in adverse climates. It is also easily adaptable as a clay surface for an indoor facility. Moreover, it can be used to convert an existing hard court (even in poor condition) into a clay court. The unique technology of TOP CLAY® creates an uniform, homogeneous and attractive hybrid clay tennis court which, in contrast to traditional clay courts, prevents holes and cracks in the surface.


  • France, Scy Chazelles (57), 2 courts

  • Estonia, Tallinn, 4 courts

  • France St. Germain en Laye (78), 3 courts

  • Poland, Katowice, 6 courts

  • France, Antony (92), 6 courts

  • Norway, Oslo (OTK), 2 courts

  • Sweden, Varberg, 5 courts

  • France, Lingolsheim (67), 2 courts

  • France, Divonne (01), 2 courts

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