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Comfort surfaces

Top Sand®

Porous base

applied in beaded stripes

Top Sand®
Line Paint

Top Sand®
approved ceramic quartz sand infill

Top Sand® Membrane

Structured membrane tennis surface with painted lines infilled with ceramic coated quartz sand for outdoor and indoor courts.

  • All the spins, top-spin, slice, cut, work naturally, as on clay.
  • The sand, even when dry in the summer, isn’t blown off the surface by strong winds.
  • Playable when wet. Dries quickly after a heavy rain.
  • Watering is not a necessity. No yearly maintenance.

Top Sand® tennis system offers excellent performances in terms of comfort and tennis play. Either in red or green sand, the colors and the texture are pleasant and welcoming, creating a sense of comfort. The ultra fine sand keeps its colors for years. Tennis players appreciate especially its clay close playing characteristic e.g. sliding in combination with perfect ball bounces. Daily maintenance is reduced to use of the drag mat as needed.


  • Sweden, TC Sandared, 3 courts

  • Sweden, Lidingö, 1 court

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